Arts & Events has been a part of UCSF since 1989. The department was created for the purpose of increasing morale and developing a stronger sense of community. At recently held Arts & Events activities, staff and student testimonials validate that even after 24 years, Arts & Events continues to deliver on it’s original commitment to UCSF.

Performance Events: The Chancellor’s Concert Series and Music in the Library

“Chancellor’s concerts and music in the Lange room has enhanced my work experience tremendously by providing a soothing time away from the office and time to reinvigorate my energy. It truly increases productivity and enriches the work environment here. I love the diverse selection of performers and having both classical and jazz to enjoy! Music and the access to yoga classes at UCSF to feed one’s soul and spirit make this a great place to work and play!”
- Karen Williams, CVRI/CTCRE

Full Moon Drumming Circle Parnassus, Saunders Court - 5.24.2013

“My colleague and I really enjoyed it. I loved the fact that I broke barriers on trying something new in public and also felt the oneness as a campus. I liked that I was with a diverse crowd yet beating to the rhythm.”
- Sarika Parekh, Analyst, Department of Emergency Medicine

“It’s amazing to watch people connect deeply through the simple act of drumming.”
- Morvarid Khatibian, School of Dentistry

Living Green Fair Event with the Recycled Art Show, Parnassus - 5.9.2013

“I am grateful to have been involved and to know that we have some really inspiring and unique artists here at UCSF. The theme of recycling was fun and surprising to see what materials people are working with. To have this art show along with the Living Green Fair was a great set up and was very informative and tasty! I also got some great resources and pointers from people throughout the event. It would be great to have these events more often.”
- Marisa McFarlane, Gastroenterology/Anesthesia

Cinco de Mayo Celebration, Mission Center Building - 5.3.2013

“Carmelina’s free tamales and horchata lunch was a wonderful treat. The warm weather and live music was a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Thank you for organizing this event.”
- Liz, C., Human Resources

Mother’s Day Card Making, Parnassus - 5.1.2013

“Thank you for putting on such fantastic events such as the Mother’s Day card making event! It is great to take a short break and use the other side of our brain after working so hard to make something meaningful. Especially when we can donate cards to patients and families in the Medical Center as well. It also transports me back to grade school and I’m sure any mother would appreciate a handmade card!”
- Thaomy V. Beltran, Physical Therapist

UCSF Night at the Academy - 3.21.2013

“I really enjoyed the event! I think this type of employee perk is really great. I ended up going by myself and still had fun. Your volunteer staff was wonderful and I thought the signage was really well done.”
- Gaelen Lombard, Office of Continuing Medical Education (OCME)

“It was fabulous. Especially loved the photo booth. Fun night out!”
- Sara Schwab, MBA, MSW

International Students and Scholars Screening and Hikes

“Last Fall, I was new to UCSF and was responsible for planning a series of events, including a movie night for the families of our international students and scholars. I reached out to Robert from Arts and Events who was kind enough to walk me through the very basics of booking the room, movie licensing, equipment set-up and everything needed to pull off a successful event I’m deeply grateful for the extra-time and patience Robert spent in helping make sure our event was enjoyable for all who attended. Likewise, the ISSO is grateful to Joey from Arts and Events for their help in organizing our monthly hikes, which has become an institution for UCSF international students and scholars. Each hike helps link the international community to their new home in San Francisco. The ISSO will continue to look for new ways to partner with Arts and Events to strengthen and enrich our community.”
- Brian Groves, Director of the International Students and Scholars Office