Bear Hugs

Bear Hugs

The results of survey data have led to a decision for the elimination of the sale of $3 Bear Hugs. Redemption of $3 Bear Hugs will continue at approved UCSF Campus Vendors.

Everyone loves getting Bear Hugs! It’s easy to give – $5 Bear Hugs vendor certificates are offered by Campus Life Services Arts & Events and can be purchased online at our campus store. Please, note you must use a campus computer or have VPN to access our online store.

Bear Hugs campus vendor certificates are redeemable at these UCSF campus vendors:

PARNASSUS CAMPUS: Cafe Bellini; Caffe Central; Carmelina’s Taqueria; Jamba Juice; Ladle & Leaf; Palio Paninoteca; Subway; Terzetto Express; You See Flowers.


MISSION BAY CAMPUS: Cafe 24; Caffe Tezetto; Peasant Pies; Publico; SF Kebab; Subway; The Pub.


MT. ZION CAMPUS: Friend to Friend; UCSF Mt. Zion Gift Shop.

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