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Welcome to UC San Francisco Child Care & Family Services. We consistently strive to meet the diverse needs of UCSF faculty, student, and staff through our Child Care Centers, Referral Service, Parent Lecture Series, and other alternative resources. We invite you to explore our website, to find the resources that are right for you and your family.


The My Family at UCSF website provides a wealth of information about child, youth, and older adult services.
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More Information

University Child Care Center at Mission Bay

The University Child Care Center at Mission Bay opened in May 2006, is sponsored by UCSF, and is managed and operated by Bright Horizons Family Solutions. The center serves approximately 80 children daily, ages three months to five years, in a beautiful facility. The program is available to parents on a two, three, or five day a week schedule, providing an environment where children are respected, valued, and encouraged to grow.

1555 6th Street

San Francisco, CA 94158
Click here for a Mission Bay map.

6:30 am-6:00 pm, Monday-Friday

Shawntel Ridgle, Director

phone: 415.255.7954

fax: 415.255.7353
e-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Katika Fulgham
phone: 415.255.7954

fax: 415.255.7353
e-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

2013/14 Rates & Policies (Effective September 1, 2014)




Preschool I 2 days/wk3 days/wk5 days/wk
Full-Days6:30-6:00$869 per month$1,209 per month$1,704 per month
Preschool II 2 days/wk3 days/wk5 days/wk
Full-Days6:30-6:00$933 per month$1,313 per month$1,902 per month
Infants/Toddlers 2 days/wk3 days/wk5 days/wk
Full-Days6:30-6:00$1,034 per month$1,496 per month$2,201 per month
Yearly Fees
New Student Application Fee (Places Name on Wait List)$75
Continuing Student Registration (Due in Spring)$100
Drop-in Child Care for Enrolled Child$12/hr
NSF Fee$25
Yearly Activity Fee (Covers Special Events)$150
Late Payment Fee (Daily)$20

*Community rates apply when an enrolled family’s UCSF affiliation concludes. 
Contact the Site Director to inquire about community rates.

Please Note
All tuitions are due on the 25th of each month prior to the month being billed. Unless specific arrangements are made, a $20 per day Late Fee is charged for tuition paid after the last day of the month. A $25 Check Fee is charged for all checks returned by the bank. We appreciate your cooperation in paying fees on time. Drop-in charges are billed at $12.00 per hour per child. Please be sure to read the Bright Horizons Parent Handbook for all policies and procedures.

Bright Horizons “Wait Pool” Policy Statement
Children are accepted from the “Wait Pools” at Bright Horizons campuses based on a variety of factors. One application and fee enables a child to be placed on the list of multiple BH campus wait pools. When an opening becomes available, we consider:
1. In employer-sponsored centers, children of employer sponsors are offered places before children from the community.
2. The schedule that becomes available in a particular class and how it matches the requested schedules for the appropriate age/developmental level applicants.
3. The child’s date of birth and how it fits in with the other children in the class.
4. The gender balance of the class. A large imbalance creates a difficult social situation for the minority group.
5. After the above factors are reviewed, acceptance is then first come, first served as determined by the date on the BH application.
6. The child’s developmental, social, emotional and cognitive levels. We believe it is best to place children in classes where they fit in best and feel most comfortable. Sometimes that is not obvious from looking at the paperwork.
7. Bright Horizons understands and agrees that children from the same family should, as much as possible, attend the same school. Whenever possible we try to accommodate siblings. However, BH cannot guarantee sibling priority. Sibling consideration refers only to when one child is currently in the program. Once a child graduates and leaves BH, there is no longer a sibling consideration, although we try very hard to accept children from “alumni” families. In certain situations, where there are employer sponsors, the child of an employer sponsor gets priority over a community based sibling child.
8. Bright Horizons does not give out specific numbers in the wait pool. Children need to be placed in classrooms that are developmentally appropriate for their age and maturation level. The family with the earliest date on the application, may not have a child that belongs in the particular class where there is an opening. In addition, families have a need for a wide variety of schedules (some want 5 days, some want 3 days, some want full-time, some want AM or PM slots).
9. Bright Horizons will inform community applicants of the process for acceptance at employer-sponsored programs at the time of initial enrollment. We explain the need and reasons for corporate subsidy and how important it is for the business world to participate in child care. Corporate participation positively impacts everyone enrolled at the center.
10. Parents are notified in writing, approximately every 6 months, regarding the Wait Pool. Please feel free to contact Bright Horizons at any time regarding Wait Pool questions.

Meet the staff

Madonna Stancil Madonna Stancil, Director
Hola! I’m Madonna Stancil. I started teaching young children in 1988; at that time I joyously found out that I was pregnant with my first child. Twenty-two years of teaching and four children later (three boys and a girl), I’m proud to say I still love working with young children. When I’m not at work I enjoy spending time with friends and family, being a mentor, laughing with my husband, going on mini vacations, and coaching 8-year-olds in cheerleading, while being the loudest cheerleader at all of my own children’s sporting events. My passion is children - my life is filled with them. With the benefit of having my BA, I have obtained the true knowledge of inclusiveness. I have a better understanding of the past and the struggles that were made before me. I will continue to encourage the youth of today to become productive citizens of tomorrow and to focus not just on themselves but on the world around them. I plan to develop life-long learners in my community and in those that come in my care. One quote that I can remember as a child that still holds true is that “It takes a village to raise a child.” I plan to form that village.     

Michelle MabatidMichelle Mabatid, Assistant Director
Good day everyone! My name is Michelle Mabatid and I’ve been working in Early Childhood Education since 1994; the first ten years of my career took place in the Philippines. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and units in Early Childhood Education. I come from a very large and diverse family. I’m married and have two beautiful dogs - a Toy poodle named “Kikay” and a loving Blue-Nosed Pitbull named “Kona.” I volunteer for our Family-Run free children’s clinic that helps indigenous children of Bohol, Philippines get the medical attention they cannot afford. I believe that education for any child should be full of discovery, exploration, delightful learning, art, cooking and lots of fun, fun, and FUN! My motto is, “Take a step back and let the children enjoy, there’s a learning experience in every little thing they do!”