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By Listening, We Make Life Better at UCSF

From discount tickets to Bay Area attractions to the best rooftop pool in San Francisco, Campus Life Services is constantly looking for ways to better serve the UC San Francisco community. This year, we partnered with the library to open Caffe Central, a new eatery on the entrance floor of the Kalmanovitz Library at Parnassus. We introduced the natural gas powered, ADA accessible, Mission Bay Jitney to serve the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital and surrounding campus. We also helped UCSF employees save money by introducing a new off-peak membership program to the campus fitness centers. These projects and more go to the heart of our mission - to make life better for everyone at UC San Francisco. By listening to your feedback, we make changes that help make UCSF a better place to work and play.


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Transportation Services Expands Vanpools

Transportation Services’ Vanpool Program has over 200 active UC San Francisco employees commuting to work from all over the Bay Area. We have vans commuting from as far as Sacramento and Santa Rosa, and we serve various cities in the East Bay, South Bay and Peninsula.  Transportation Services is committed to expanding the UCSF vanpool program to provide more commuting flexibility to meet the changing travel needs of our population, including developing partnerships. vRide, for example, is a nation-wide vanpool vendor that allows UCSF commuters to start a vanpool with as little as six riders; and depending on the size of the group, vRide users can select from 7 passenger mini-vans up to full sized 12 passenger vans. 

Learn how you can join one of our many vanpools serving the Bay Area.

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Arts & Events Volunteer Program

Arts & Events Volunteer Program is designed to provide an opportunity for staff, faculty and students to offer their time, energy and creativity to plan and produce experiences that transform a routine day into something special and fun for the UCSF Community. It wouldn’t be possible to coordinate more than 80 events annually without the dedication of campus volunteers. Since the start of our Arts & Event’s Volunteer Recruitment campaign early this year, we’ve increased our volunteer base from 19 volunteers to 35 active volunteers. Our dedicated volunteers continue to help Arts & Events create community one event at a time.

Learn more about the Arts & Events Volunteer Program.

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Transportation Services Adjusts Routes, Timetables

Transportation Services’ Shuttle Program transports 8,000 to 10,000 UCSF community members on a daily basis, with over 2.4 million boardings a year!  We understand timeliness is important to you, and in response, we’ve made route and timetable adjustments to improve our on-time performance. Overall, the UCSF shuttle network performed at a 95% on-time departure rate for the 1st Quarter of Fiscal Year 15-16 (July to September 2015). On the most popular routes, performance has also significantly improved: Averages for the GREY, BLUE and GOLD routes are 97%, 92% and 95%; respectively. We’ve seen increased demand for the RED shuttle since the opening of the new Mission Bay Hospital complex in February 2015, and therefore, recently added more shuttle service on the RED during peak hours.

Learn more about our shuttle changes.

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Housing Changes Assignments Priority Based on Feedback

In an ever more challenging rental market, Housing Services implemented new assignments priorities over the past year. The campus Housing Advisory Committee (HAC) listened to the feedback of campus leaders and faculty about the difficulties of recruiting top talent, and they heard the comments of new students and postdocs who have a hard time finding a place to live. So the HAC recommended changes to advantage new recruits in the campus housing application process. Now new students, postdocs, residents, clinical fellows and faculty have an advantage getting into campus housing over their colleagues who are already settled in San Francisco. This is greatly advantageous to top scholars who come from afar and do not yet have local bank accounts, landlord references, or familiarity with the city and transportation systems. Campus housing tenants have a two year term limit, enough time to adjust and integrate into the San Francisco community. After two years, when the tenant is better prepared for off campus living, the rental property is made available to more incoming recruits.

Learn more about Housing Services

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Block Party 9 Builds Community at Mission Bay

More than 4,000 people came together on October 7 to eat, play, and enjoy Mission Bay at this year’s Block Party 9. Mission Bay was a sparsely populated campus when three retail partners decided to set up shop back in 2007. That event drew around 500 people and the party has grown each year since. Block Party’s success is rooted in the fact that it is a collaborative event that reaches across departmental boundaries. New friendships are formed and this contributes to the sense of community at UCSF. This year’s event, produced by Retail and Arts & Events, included a #LoveYourVendor contest, safety fair, #OneUCSF chalk art contest, the Golden State Warriors NBA World Championship trophy, and pedicab rides.

View images from 2015 Block Party 9.

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Arts & Events recruits volunteers to help organize more than 80 events per year.

2.4 million
More than 2.4 million people ride Transportation Services shuttles every year!

There are only two months when occupancy falls below 99 percent at UCSF Housing.

The number of attendees from UCSF and the neighboring community who attended the 9th Annual Block Party at Mission Bay hosted by Retail Services and Arts & Events, making this year's event the largest one yet!