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From transportation, housing, and business support to child care, entertainment, fitness, building operations and maintenance, and more—for 50 years the businesses of Campus Life Services have touched everyone, at every campus location. In ways great and small, we work hard to help make life better for the people who teach, study, work, and visit UC San Francisco.

Summer Time Fun is Here

Fun is a requirement this summer, so check out Arts & Events’ calendar for concerts, movies, and other events. Take advantage of discounts we offer to theme parks and other hot spots!


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From buying gift cards and movie tickets to applying for housing and parking permits, and more-we make it easy to find the items you need everyday with Arts & Events, Housing, Transportation, and Business Services locations at Parnassus. Mission Center Building, and Mission Bay campuses.

We’ve also collected all of our products and services that are available online-all in one easy-to-navigate page.

Because of the diversity of our departments, and the products and services they offer, there are two ways you can shop and connect online with Campus Life Services.

  • Online Transactions–complete your purchase or request via your computer
  • Downloadable Forms–indicated with a PDF symbol, you will be led to a form that will need to be downloaded onto your computer. These transactions will entail faxing or delivering a form to a specified location.

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