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Distribution, Storage & Mail

Need to get it done? Distribution, Storage & Mail is your partner in productivity! Moving, delivering, installing, storing, shredding, surplus, mail solutions, recycling, and more–that’s what we do for the UC San Francisco community. Think you might have a job for us? Give us a call. Our experienced staff can do it.


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Yes, we have room.

Distribution & Storage provides a secure, full-service storage operation for University property. Storage services include:

• short- and long-term storage
• files and records
• equipment and furniture
• boxes

Storage is maintained at our primary warehouse in South San Francisco. This facility is institutionally owned by the University, and is managed and operated by University employees.We can store most items, excluding hazardous materials. Blocks of storage space can also be reserved, at an additional cost. Storage services include pick-up, retrieval, and delivery.

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Download an Equipment/Records Disposal Requisition Form.

Need Banker Boxes for your records?  We now carry a heavy duty banker box with the UCSF logo for $3.50 each.
If you purchase your own banker boxes please make sure they conform to the 16.5” long x 13” wide x 10” tall dimensions, please.

For freezer storage requests, please e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Safety Notice
Please be advised that the following safety procedures apply to any equipment being moved and stored at Oyster Point:
• Equipment such as centrifuges, incubators, or bio-safety hoods must be cleaned and decontaminated prior to pick-up and storage.
• Equipment containing liquids must be drained/emptied prior to pick-up and storage.
• Refrigerators and freezers must be free of ice and cleaned prior to pick-up and storage.
• Distribution and Storage does not pick-up equipment for storage with “BIOHAZARD” or “RADIOACTIVE” warning stickers. To pick-up these surplus items, a letter from EH&S must be attached indicating that the items being surplused are free of biohazard/radioactive material.

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