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Distribution, Storage & Mail

Need to get it done? Distribution, Storage & Mail is your partner in productivity! Moving, delivering, installing, storing, shredding, surplus, mail solutions, recycling, and more–that’s what we do for the UC San Francisco community. Think you might have a job for us? Give us a call. Our experienced staff can do it.


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We’ll take that desk.

Use of surplus is a cost effective solution to secure needed office furniture such as desks, file cabinets, tables, chairs, and other equipment and can be recharged to the department.  In addition, non-saleable equipment and recyclables are assured of disposal in an environmentally sound manner including de-gausing the hard drives and if necessary destroying them.

Distribution & Storage processes the sale of surplus goods and property, including vehicles, for the University. Surplus services include:

  • disposal of equipment or office furniture by UCSF departments
  • facilitate use of items in good condition by other UCSF departments
  • sale of surplus items to the general public through UC Berkeley Overstock & Surplus
  • facilitate charitable donations of surplus goods to local qualifying groups and agencies, by special request

In compliance with UC Business and Finance Bulletin BUS-38, surplus sales are conducted in order to recover the operating costs in administering the collection and disposition of both inventoried and non-inventoried equipment and furniture at the end of its useful life to departments.  Proceeds in excess of $300 per item are returned to the originating department.

Please be advised that surplus pick-ups for campus departments are subject to charge based on job complexity or volume of surplus being picked up. Most small, single items, or items with wheels (EX: printer, computer, office chair, copier) usually can be picked up at no charge.  Items needing to be unbolted from a wall or unsecured from a floor, or items where a door needs to be removed or where other items need to be moved to gain access to the surplus item, will require a labor charge for pick-up.  Also large, multiple-item surplus pick-ups (like clearing out an office or lab) will require a labor charge for pick-up. Also please note that all surplus pick-ups (small or large) for the Medical Center will require a labor charge for pick-up.

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Introducing Surplus Share , a new and exclusive online trading system that connects UC departments with each other to trade, sell, or give away equipment, furniture, and other supplies.

Surplus Share is easy to use.  UC department users can create a free,online account and begin listing and browsing items to trade, sell, or give away.  Here’s how it works:

1) Access the Surplus Share catalog
2) Shop or select an item
3) Contact the department seller via User ID (UC email-address)
4) Include the sellers listing number or title of their item, and make your offer (trade or purchase price) into the body of your email message.
5) Complete the transaction directly with the seller.

The Surplus Share system is being provided by Campus Procurement/Distribution Storage and Mail as an alternative to buying new.  By reusing and recycling items, departments can minimize waste and experience savings.

*Surplus Share is designed for departmental use only.
*Surplus Share is an additional option not intended to replace or eliminate any other surplus surplus methods currently employed by the department.
*Users must have a valid UCSF email address to post on the Surplus Share site.
*Financial transactions are not managed on this site.
*All transactions between parties occur outside the Surplus Share site (i.e.- by journal entry)
*Departments at other UCs will be able to view items on the Surplus Share site.  While initially they will not be able to post items, other UCs can still email UC San Francisco departments regarding items they no longer need.

Campus Moving Services

For added convenience, Distribution Storage and Mail can provide moving services between surplus, office, or lab.

Safety Notice
Please be advised that the following safety procedures apply to any equipment being moved and stored at Oyster Point:

  • Equipment such as centrifuges, incubators, or bio-safety hoods must be cleaned and decontaminated prior to pick-up and storage.
  • Equipment containing liquids must be drained/emptied prior to pick-up and storage.
  • Refrigerators and freezers must be free of ice and cleaned prior to pick-up and storage.
  • Distribution and Storage does not pick-up equipment for storage with “BIOHAZARD” or “RADIOACTIVE” warning stickers. To pick-up these surplus items, a letter from EH&S must be attached indicating that the items being surplused are free of biohazard/radioactive material.

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