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We hold the UC community at the center of our efforts, and confidence and trust in our products & services is our number one priority. For over 50 years we have been providing high quality service at a reasonable price, and as part of UC we understand your deadlines, budget constraints, and needs.

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Print Management

Documents & Media manages office multifunction copiers and printers, for University departments who prefer that print professionals handle their office printing needs, in the UCSF Print Management Program. From selecting the right multifunction copier or printer and making arrangements for delivery and installation, to basic service calls and replenishment of supplies like toner and solid ink, DM offers turnkey solutions that address diverse department needs, saving the departments both time and money.

We are pleased to offer the UCSF and UCB campus community this convenient and economic solution for their office printing equipment needs.

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UCB OE Team Recommends UCSF PMP - April 25, 2011

Overview of program
No leasing hassles – we deal directly with the vendors. Monthly charges are based on equipment selected and per copy use. Codes can be assigned to each user if required. Monthly statement listing copy totals and recharges made to your COA (Chart of Accounts) are available for UCSF customers via our PMP Monthly online portal. For UC Berkeley, we can provide a monthly statement listing your copy totals and recharges made to your department Chartstring.

We manage all equipment maintenance issues, which helps reduce frequent service calls involving vendor technicians and helps get machines back up and running sooner using on-campus DM staff.

We supply toner or solid ink, along with any other consumables, for devices we manage – no need to order supplies from the vendor.

We can also provide 30% or 100% post consumer content recycled paper if needed.

You can reduce or eliminate administrative time
No need to generate a purchase order, since we’ll be the ones buying or leasing the equipment.
No need to figure out separate monthly bills from vendors for maintenance charges, equipment payments, or supply orders.
No need to track individual copies, since Documents & Media is responsible for tracking copier usage on a monthly basis. For UCSF, monthly billing information is online via our PMP Monthly online portal; for UCB a monthly statement can be provided that includes the usage and amount recharged by each account.
No need to order supplies – we supply all machine supplies and can also supply paper.

We can significantly reduce maintenance time
Documents & Media is the key contact for all maintenance needs. No more confusing service costs, burdensome maintenance agreements, or tracking down a technician for office machine repairs – we’ll coordinate the service or repair.  Most general machine parts are stored by Documents & Media on campus. This reduces the time needed to order vendor parts and results in machines being serviced quicker.

By centrally managing the print equipment fleet for the University, we are able to standardize model types, which provides efficiencies in ordering, stocking, and maintaining similar parts & supplies.  This helps reduce multiple delivery vehicles around campus.  Additionally, by strategically partnering with key vendors who share the same sustainability values of the University, we are able to place more efficient office multifunction equipment that use less energy and is environmentally friendly.

UCSF Sustainability
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Convenience and ease of use
Individual access codes for each account (tied to the department COA or Chartstring) can be set up on every machine in your department if required, allowing for universal access for all users to all your copiers we manage for you.

All office machines can be from the same manufacturer. This uniformity enables users the capability to easily operate each machine, which in turn eliminates the frustration and downtime of having to readjust to different machines.

How to join the UCSF Print Management Program
We are glad to assess your office printing needs, looking to reduce redundant printing equipment and setting-up an office multifunction print environment to help lower your expenses.  No need to create your own production facility on-site with our institutional print production support backing up this enterprise-wide program. This program helps free up your staff’s time from dealing with copiers & printers, so they have more time to focus on what’s really important: the University’s mission.

No Bid Process
Best of all, you don’t have to manage the required bid process for your office printing devices by using us.  An external competitive bid process is not required when Documents & Media is used – see UCSF Campus Administrative Policy 200-20.

UCSF Print Management Program Information
UCSF Print Management Program Info Sheet

To get started, please contact the UCSF Print Management Program team:

Steven Westwood | 415.502.0502 | .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Mario Carmona | 415.476.2518 | .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Pam Krol | 510.812.4093 | .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

When contacting to discuss a new or replacement copier or printer, please try and have the following information available: approximate average number of copies per month, approximate number of users, and approximate dimensions of the space where the device will be placed.