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We provide quality on-campus housing and related services to UC San Francisco students, post-docs, residents, clinical fellows, and faculty. If you prefer off-campus living, browse ads from private landlords or potential roommates. Short-term visitors may view a wide selection of hoteliers near campus locations. Let us assist you with your accommodations in San Francisco.


Mission Bay Tenants: It’s the time of year when the package room receives hundreds of boxes a day.  Please be diligent in picking up your deliveries!


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Faculty Housing

As a focus of UCSF Faculty recruitment and retention, a limited number of unfurnished houses, flats, and apartments is available to Faculty at the Mission Bay or Parnassus campuses. These accommodations and amenities vary significantly. We recommend that you contact Housing Services directly to discuss options and availability.

Priority for Housing is based on move in date of the applicant (housing need date). For example, those who apply for August will have priority over those who apply for September. When the date of housing need is the same, priority will go to those with the earliest application date.

Housing Agreement Terms
The minimum agreement term is 6 months. Please be advised that tenants who enter the UCSF Housing Services program and move in after June 1, 2013, will be subject to 2-year term limits in campus housing.  After staying in your assignment for 24 months, you will be required to move and find alternative housing accommodations. Term limits are cumulative in a lifetime, regardless of university affiliation or break in tenancy.

UCSF Policy on Campus Housing Eligibility

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UC Home Loan Program
Housing Services provides resources for rental properties. If you are a faculty member and need home loan information, please contact Academic Affairs.