Eligibility Requirements

UCSF Housing Services’ mission is to provide quality university housing and related services to Students, Postdocs, Residents, Clinical Fellows and Faculty. The following groups were identified as a priority by the campus Long Range Development Plan and the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Housing. These priority groups are not determined solely by the department of Housing Services.

Please be advised that UCSF tenants are subject to 2-year term limits in campus housing.  After staying in your assignment for 24 months, you will be required to move and find alternative housing accommodations. Term limits are cumulative in a lifetime, regardless of university affiliation or break in tenancy.

A change in eligibility status, to an ineligible title code or affiliate group, during the term of an Agreement will render the Tenant no longer eligible for housing.  Tenants will have 30 days from the date of graduation or disaffiliation from their status to move out (vacate) their unit, even if they are continuing at UCSF.

Contained here are specific definitions for these priority groups.

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Residents and Clinical Fellows
Faculty and Senior Leadership Group

Persons who are enrolled in, or have been accepted to, and have submitted intent to enroll in the following programs. Enrollment is verified through UCSF Registrar. Graduation, withdrawal or dismissal from these programs terminates housing eligibility.
▪ ATCR (Advanced Training In Clinical Research) Certificate Program (credit program only / non-credit program is not eligible)
▪ Dentistry
▪ Graduate Division
▪ JMT (Joint Medical Training program with Berkeley)
▪ Medicine
▪ MSTP (Medical Sciences Training Program)
▪ Nursing
▪ Pharmacy
▪ Physical Therapy
▪ Postbaccalaureate Program

Students who take a LOA (maximum 1 year) for a UCSF-related internship that is integral to their academic program will remain eligible for Housing up to their term limit.  Examples:  Pathway to Discovery Program, Graduate Student Internships for Career Exploration.

PLEASE NOTE: “Students” who are visiting from other universities—and who are not enrolled via the UCSF Registrar’s office in one of the above programs—are not eligible for university housing.


Persons who currently hold UCSF Postdoctoral Scholar positions, or have been offered positions to start within 60 days, in the following UCSF payroll titles, whether paid or unpaid. These titles must be verified through employee payroll (OLPPS) for UCSF Postdoctoral Scholars. Postdoctoral scholars in affiliated programs (HHMI, Gladstone, NCIRE) are eligible with departmental verification of their postdoc status. Disaffiliation from these title codes terminates housing eligbility, except in the cases noted below.

3252 Postdoctoral Scholar-Employee
3253 Postdoctoral Scholar-Fellow
3254 Postdoctoral Scholar-Paid Direct
3255 Postdoctoral Scholar – Employee NEX
3256 Interim Postdoctoral Scholar – Employee
Gladstone Postdoctoral Scholar
HHMI Postdoctoral Research Associate
NCIRE-funded Postdoctoral Research Scholar (VA)

PLEASE NOTE:“Specialists”, “Researchers” and “Teaching Assistants” are not eligible under the Postdoctoral Scholar title codes. Postdocs become ineligible for campus housing when they leave the postdoc title code appointment. Tenants will need to terminate their campus Housing within 30 days of leaving the postdoc appointment, even if they continue working or studying at UCSF.

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Residents and Clinical Fellows
Persons who hold positions in—or have been offered positions and will begin employment within 60 days in—the following title codes. These titles must be verified through employee payroll (OLPPS). Disaffiliation for any reason from these title codes terminates housing eligibility.
2708 Residents PGY-I (Medical)

2724 Residents PGY-II through PGY-VII (Medical)

2727 Residents (Dentistry)

2737 Residents (Dentistry)

2728 Residents PGY1 (Pharmacy practice)

2729 Residents PGY2 (Pharmacy second year specialties)

2726 Fellows (ACGME-accredited clinical fellows PGY-IV through PGY-IX)

2732 Fellows (Non ACGME-accredited clinical fellows PGY-II through PGY-IX)

2740 Non-Physician Clinical Trainee (provisional)

PLEASE NOTE:“Residents” in title code 3240 POSTGRAD RES——- - FISCAL YR will be verified as “Students” and must be enrolled via the UCSF Registrar (see Students section).
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Faculty and Senior Leadership Group
The focus of the Faculty Housing program is to provide housing for the recruitment and retention of UCSF faculty members and executive administrators in the Senior Leadership Group, such as deans and department chairs. Faculty housing is offered by the University to be a transitional help to faculty members and senior leaders as they search for off-campus housing. It is not intended as long-term or as “permanent” rental property. Housing Agreements are minimum 6 months.

Faculty and Senior Leader appointments must be at least 50% paid FTE in any one of these eligible title codes, and verified through employee payroll (OLPPS). The faculty member or senior leader is automatically ineligible for campus housing if he or she leaves the faculty or senior leadership title code series appointment for any reason, even if she or he remains affiliated with UCSF.

Senior Leadership Group
All title codes in the following classifications:

MSP 6,
MSP 7,
MSP 8,
MSP 9,

Eligible faculty title codes are consistent with the definition of “faculty” found in the Academic Personnel Manual, section APM-110-4(14).

1100 Professor - Academic Year

1101 Act Professor-Acad Yr-1/9th

1102 Vst Professor-Acad Yr-1/9 Pmt

1103 Professor-Acad Yr-1/9th Pmt

1104 University Professor

1105 Professor-Fac Early Retir Pgrm

1106 Professor-Acad Yr-Recalled

1107 Acting Professor-Academic Yr

1108 Visiting Professor-Academic Yr

1110 Professor - Fiscal Yr

1117 Acting Professor - Fiscal Yr

1118 Visiting Professor - Fiscal Yr

1130 Professor - 10-Months

1143 Professor-Acad Yr-Bus/Eng

1144 Professor - Fy -Bus/Eng

1145 Professor-Acad Yr-1/9-Bus/Eng

1150 Professor - Sft-A

1180 Professor-Law School Scale

1181 Professor-Law Sch Scale-1/9th

1182 Act Professor (I-Ix)-Law Sch

1183 Act Prof (I-Ix)-Law Sch-1/9

1188 Vst Professor-Law School Scale

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1200 Associate Professor-Acad Yr

1201 Act Assoc Professor-Ay-1/9th

1202 Vst Assoc Professor-Ay-1/9th

1203 Assoc Professor-Acad Yr-1/9th

1205 Assoc Prof-Fac Early Retir Pgm

1206 Assoc Professor-Ay-Recalled

1207 Act Assoc Professor-Acad Yr

1208 Vst Assoc Professor-Acad Yr

1210 Assoc Professor - Fiscal Yr

1217 Act Assoc Professor-Fiscal Yr

1218 Vst Assoc Professor-Fiscal Yr

1230 Associate Professor - 10-Mos

1243 Assoc Prof-Acad Yr-Bus/Eng

1244 Assoc Prof-Fiscal Yr-Bus/Eng

1245 Assoc Prof-Acad Yr-1/9th-B/E

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1300 Assistant Professor-Acad Yr

1301 Act Asst Professor-Acad Yr-1/9

1302 Vst Asst Professor-Acad Yr-1/9

1303 Assistant Professor-Ay-1/9th

1307 Act Asst Professor-Academic Yr

1308 Vst Asst Professor-Academic Yr

1310 Asst Professor - Fiscal Year

1317 Act Asst Professor -Fiscal Yr

1318 Vst Asst Professor -Fiscal Yr

1330 Assistant Professor-10-Months

1343 Asst Prof-Acad Yr-Bus/Eng

1344 Asst Prof-Fiscal Yr-Bus/Eng

1345 Asst Prof-Acad Yr-1/9 Pymt-B/E

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1400 Instructor-Academic Year

1403 Instructor-Acad Yr -1/9th Pmt

1410 Instructor - Fiscal Year

1421 Vstg Prof-Acad Yr-Bus/Eng

1422 Vstg Prof-Fiscal Yr-Bus/Eng

1423 Vstg Prof-Acad Yr-1/9th-B/E

1424 Vstg Aso Pro-Acad Yr-Bus/Eng

1425 Vstg Aso Pro-Fiscal Yr-Bus/Eng

1426 Vstg Aso Pro-Acad Yr-1/9th-B/E

1427 Vstg Ast Pro-Acad Yr-Bus/Eng

1428 Vstg Ast Pro-Fiscal Yr-Bus/Eng

1429 Vstg Ast Pro-Acad Yr-1/9th-B/E

1431 Vis Professor-Gencomp

1432 Vis Assoc Professor-Gencomp

1433 Vis Asst Professor-Gencomp

1434 Vis Instructor-Gencomp

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1450 Professor Of Clinical___

1451 Assoc Prof Of Clinical___

1452 Asst Prof Of Clinical___

1453 Prof Of Clin___-Medcomp-A

1454 Aso Prof Of Clin___-Medcomp-A

1455 Ast Prof Of Clin___-Medcomp-A

1456 Prof Of Clin___-Gencomp-B

1457 Aso Prof Of Clin___-Gencomp-B

1458 Ast Prof Of Clin__-Gencomp-B

1459 Prof Of Clin____-Medcomp-B

1460 Aso Prof Of Clin ___-Medcomp-B

1461 Ast Prof Of Clin____-Medcomp-B

1462 Prof Of Clin ____-Gencomp-A

1463 Aso Prof Of Clin ___-Gencomp-A

1464 Ast Prof Of Clin____-Gencomp-A

1465 Prof Of Clin ____-Fy-Medcomp

1466 Aso Prof Of Clin____-Fy-Mecomp

1467 Ast Prof Of Clin___-Fy-Medcomp

1468 Prof Of Clin ____-Fy-Gencomp

1469 Aso Prof Of Clin___-Fy-Gencomp

1470 Ast Prof Of Clin___-Fy-Gencomp

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1531 Vis Professor-Gencomp-Ptc

1532 Vis Asso Professor-Gencomp-Ptc

1533 Vis Asst Professor-Gencomp-Ptc

1534 Vis Instructor-Gencomp-Ptc

1535 Instructor-Gencomp-A

1537 Assistant Professor-Gencomp-A

1538 Act Asst Professor-Gencomp-A

1539 Associate Professor-Gencomp-A

1540 Act Assoc Professor-Gencomp-A

1541 Professor-Gencomp-A

1542 Act Professor-Gencomp-A

1543 Instructor In Res-Gencomp-A

1544 Asst Prof In Res-Gencomp-A

1545 Assoc Prof In Res-Gencomp-A

1546 Prof In Res-Gencomp-A

1547 Adjunct Instructor-Gencomp-A

1548 Asst Adjunct Prof-Gencomp-A

1549 Assoc Adjunct Prof-Gencomp-A

1560 Adjunct Prof-Gencomp-A

1561 Instructor-Fy-Gencomp

1563 Assistant Professor-Fy-Gencomp

1564 Act Asst Professor-Fy-Gencomp

1565 Associate Professor-Fy-Gencomp

1566 Act Assoc Professor-Fy-Gencomp

1567 Professor-Fy-Gencomp

1568 Act Professor-Fy-Gencomp

1569 Instructor In Res Fy-Gencomp

1570 Asst Prof In Res Fy-Gencomp

1571 Assoc Prof In Res-Fy-Gencomp

1572 Prof In Res-Fy-Gencomp

1573 Adjunct Instructor-Fy-Gencomp

1574 Asst Adjunct Prof-Fy-Gencomp

1575 Assoc Adjunct Prof-Fy-Gencomp

1576 Adjunct Prof-Fy-Gencomp

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1711 Vis Instructor-Medcomp

1712 Vis Asst Professor-Medcomp

1713 Vis Assoc Professor-Medcomp

1714 Vis Professor-Medcomp

1715 Instructor-Medcomp-A

1717 Assistant Professor-Medcomp-A

1718 Act Asst Professor-Medcomp-A

1719 Associate Professor-Medcomp-A

1720 Act Assoc Professor-Medcomp-A

1721 Professor-Medcomp-A

1722 Act Professor-Medcomp-A

1723 Instructor In Res-Medcomp-A

1724 Asst Prof In Res-Medcomp-A

1725 Assoc Prof In Res-Medcomp-A

1726 Prof In Res-Medcomp-A

1727 Adjunct Instructor-Medcomp-A

1728 Asst Adjunct Prof-Medcomp-A

1729 Assoc Adjunct Prof-Medcomp-A

1730 Adjunct Prof-Medcomp-A

1731 Hs Clin Instructor-Medcomp-A

1732 Hs Asst Clin Prof-Medcomp-A

1733 Hs Assoc Clin Prof-Medcomp-A

1734 Hs Clin Prof-Medcomp-A

1735 Instructor-Gencomp-B

1737 Assistant Professor-Gencomp-B

1738 Act Asst Professor-Gencomp-B

1739 Associate Professor-Gencomp-B

1740 Act Assoc Professor-Gencomp-B

1741 Professor-Gencomp-B

1742 Act Professor-Gencomp-B

1743 Instructor In Res-Gencomp-B

1744 Asst Prof In Res-Gencomp-B

1745 Assoc Prof In Res-Gencomp-B

1746 Prof In Res-Gencomp-B

1747 Adjunct Instructor-Gencomp-B

1748 Asst Adjunct Prof-Gencomp-B

1749 Assoc Adjunct Prof-Gencomp-B

1750 Adjunct Prof-Gencomp-B

1755 Instructor-Medcomp-B

1757 Assistant Professor-Medcomp-B

1758 Act Asst Professor-Medcomp-B

1759 Associate Professor-Medcomp-B

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1760 Act Assoc Professor-Medcomp-B

1761 Professor-Medcomp-B

1762 Act Professor-Medcomp-B

1763 Instructor-In-Res-Medcomp-B

1764 Asst Prof-In-Res-Medcomp-B

1765 Assoc Prof In Res-Medcomp-B

1766 Prof In Res-Medcomp-B

1767 Adjunct Instructor-Medcomp-B

1768 Asst Adjunct Prof-Medcomp-B

1769 Assoc Adjunct Prof-Medcomp-B

1770 Adjunct Prof-Medcomp-B

1771 Hs Clin Instructor-Medcomp-B

1772 Hs Asst Clin Prof-Medcomp-B

1773 Hs Assoc Clin Prof-Medcomp-B

1774 Hs Clin Prof-Medcomp-B

1775 Instructor-Fy-Medcomp

1777 Assistant Professor-Fy-Medcomp

1778 Act Asst Professor-Fy-Medcomp

1779 Associate Professor-Fy-Medcomp

1780 Act Assoc Professor-Fy-Medcomp

1781 Professor-Fy-Medcomp

1782 Act Professor-Fy-Medcomp

1783 Instructor In Res-Fy-Medcomp

1784 Asst Prof In Res-Fy-Medcomp

1785 Assoc Prof In Res-Fy-Medcomp

1786 Prof In Res-Fy-Medcomp

1787 Adjunct Instructor-Fy-Medcomp

1788 Asst Adjunct Prof-Fy-Medcomp

1789 Assoc Adjunct Prof-Fy-Medcomp

1790 Adjunct Prof-Fy-Medcomp

1791 Hs Clin Instructor-Gencomp-B

1792 Hs Asst Clin Prof-Gencomp-B

1793 Hs Assoc Clin Prof-Gencomp-B

1794 Hs Clin Prof-Gencomp-B

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1803 Hs Clin Instructor-Fy-Medcomp

1804 Hs Asst Clin Prof-Fy-Medcomp

1805 Hs Assoc Clin Prof-Fy-Medcomp

1806 Hs Clin Prof-Fy-Medcomp

1807 Hs Clin Instructor-Fy-Gencomp

1808 Hs Asst Clin Prof-Fy-Gencomp

1809 Hs Assoc Clin Prof-Fy-Gencomp

1810 Hs Clin Prof-Fy-Gencomp

1811 Hs Clin Instructor-Gencomp-A

1812 Hs Asst Clin Prof-Gencomp-A

1813 Hs Assoc Clin Prof-Gencomp-A

1814 Hs Clin Prof-Gencomp-A

1875 Instructor-Sft-Pc

1877 Assistant Professor-Sft-Pc

1878 Acting Asst Professor-Sft-Pc

1879 Associate Professor-Sft-Pc

1880 Acting Assoc Professor-Sft-Pc

1881 Professor-Sft-Pc

1882 Acting Professor-Sft-Pc

1883 Instr In Residence-Sft-Pc

1884 Asst Prof In Residence-Sft-Pc

1885 Assoc Prof In Residence-Sft-Pc

1886 Professor In Residence-Sft-Pc

1887 Adjunct Instructor-Sft-Pc

1888 Asst Adjunct Professor-Sft-Pc

1889 Assoc Adjunct Professor-Sft-Pc

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1890 Adjunct Professor-Sft-Pc

1895 Instructor-Sft-Vm

1897 Assistant Professor-Sft-Vm

1898 Acting Asst Professor-Sft-Vm

1899 Associate Professor—Sft-Vm

1900 Acting Assoc Professor-Sft-Vm

1901 Professor-Sft-Vm

1902 Acting Professor-Sft-Vm

1903 Instr In Residence-Sft-Vm

1904 Asst Prof In Residence-Sft-Vm

1905 Assoc Prof In Residence-Sft-Vm

1906 Professor In Residence-Sft-Vm

1907 Adjunct Instructor-Sft-Vm

1908 Asst Adjunct Professor-Sft-Vm

1909 Assoc Adjunct Professor-Sft-Vm

1910 Adjunct Professor-Sft-Vm

1971 Act Prof-Acad Yr-Bus/Eng

1972 Act Prof-Fiscal Yr-Bus/Eng

1973 Act Prof-Acad Yr-1/9th-B/E

1974 Act Aso Pro-Acad Yr-Bus/Eng

1975 Act Aso Pro-Fiscal Yr-Bus/Eng

1976 Act Aso Pro-Acad Yr-1/9th-B/E

1977 Act Ast Prof-Acad Yr-Bus/Eng

1978 Act Ast Prof-Fiscal Yr-Bus/Eng

1979 Act Ast Prof-Acad Yr-1/9th-B/E

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2000 Hs Clinical Professor-Academic Yr

2010 Hs Clinical Professor - Fiscal Yr

2016 Hs Clin Prof Recalled - Fiscal Yr

2020 Hs Assoc Clin Professor-Acad Yr

2030 Hs Assoc Clin Professor-Fiscal Yr

2040 Hs Asst Clin Professor-Acad Yr

2050 Hs Asst Clin Professor-Fiscal Yr

2070 Hs Clinical Instructor-Fiscal Yr

3250 Professor In Residence-Acad Yr

3251 Professor In Residence - Fy

3258 Adjunct Professor-Academic Yr

3259 Adjunct Professor - Fiscal Yr

3260 Assoc Prof In Residence- Ay

3261 Assoc Prof In Residence- Fy

3268 Assoc Adjunct Professor - Ay

3269 Assoc Adjunct Professor - Fy

3270 Asst Prof In Residence-Acad Yr

3271 Asst Prof In Residence - Fy

3278 Asst Adjunct Professor-Acad Yr

3279 Asst Adjunct Professor - Fy

3280 Instr In Residence-Academic Yr

3281 Instr In Residence-Fiscal Yr

3288 Adjunct Instructor-Academic Yr

3289 Adjunct Instructor - Fiscal Yr

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3350 Instr In Rsdnc-Acad Yr-1/9th

3351 Asst Prof In Rsdnc-Acad Yr-1/9

3352 Assoc Prof In Rsdnc-Ay-1/9th

3353 Prof In Rsdnc-Acad Yr-1/9th

3360 Adjunct Instructor-Acad Yr-1/9

3361 Asst Adjunct Prof-Acad Yr-1/9

3362 Assoc Adjunct Prof-Acad Yr-1/9

3363 Adjunct Professor-Acad Yr-1/9

3371 Asst Adj Prof-Acad Yr-Bus/Eng

3372 Asst Adj Prof - Fy -Bus/Eng

3373 Ast Adj Pro-Acad Yr-1/9th-B/E

3374 Asso Adj Prof-Acad Yr-Bus/Eng

3375 Asso Adj Pro-Fiscal Yr-Bus/Eng

3376 Aso Adj Pro-Acad Yr-1/9th-B/E

3377 Adj Prof-Acad Yr-Bus/Eng

3378 Adj Prof-Fiscal Yr-Bus/Eng

3379 Adj Prof-Acad Yr-1/9 Pymt-B/E

3381 Prof In Res-Acad Yr-Bus/Eng

3382 Prof In Res-Fiscal Yr-Bus/Eng

3383 Prof In Res-Acad Yr-1/9th-B/E

3384 Aso Prof In Res-Acad Yr-Bus/En

3385 Aso Prof In Res - Fy- Bus/Eng

3386 Aso Prof In Res-Ay-1/9th-B/E

3387 Ast Prof In Res-Acad Yr-Bus/En

3388 Ast Prof In Res - Fy -Bus/Eng

3389 Ast Prof In Res-Ay-1/9th-B/E
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